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Icons in the forums

Version: 1.0
Author: Edson Ordaz
Submitted: 23rd December 2010
Last Updated: 27th April 2011

ForumsIcons it does is put icons to the forums!

from admin panel and e-forums and there forumsicons enter and set up icons for your forums!

which is functioning properly to create a folder in your root of your forum called


and ready ForumsIcons enjoy!

Created by Edson Ordaz for everyone!


ForumsIcons lo que hace es poner iconos a los foros!

desde panel de administracion-foros y mensajes ingresa a forumsicons y ahi configura y sube los iconos para tus foros!

para que fucione correctamente crea una carpeta en tu raiz de tu foro llamada


y listo disfruta ForumsIcons!

Previews:Preview Image 3072 Preview Image 3073 Preview Image 3074 Preview Image 3075 Preview Image 3076