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Fit on Page

Scale down or resize large embeded images so as to avoid the page running over

Version: 2.3
Author: - G33K -
Submitted: 24th July 2009
Last Updated: 9th September 2010
/* Fit on Page v2.3 by -G33K - */
/* MyBB v1.4.*/v1.6 Plugin */

Change Log:

Version 2.3
- Compatibility with MyBB 1.6
- Extended functionality to editpost preview page
- Fixed the justification/alignment bug, resized images are now properly justified depending on the set justification.

Version 2.2
- Extended functionality to Portal and Moderation Pages.
- Changed text in the info bar to be more descriptive by showing the resize percentage, original image size and resized image size.

Version 2.1
- Fixed issue where resize info bar also gets linked with images that are linked causing weird behavior

Version 2.0
- Fixed issue where images outside the posts area were also being resized. Temporary fix was to add a no_fop class which is no longer required
- Made the top info bar elements customizable from pugin's settings page
- Top info bar has a dynamic message which changes depending on if image is resized or viewed in full resolution
- Extended functionality of the plugin to newreply and private message pages

Version 1.0
- Initial Release

Scales down or resizes large embeded images so as to avoid the page running over.

- Customizable from settings page.
- Pretty much every element of the plugin can be customized from the settings.
- Automatically adjusts according to screen size for fluid layouts.
- Fixed width option for fixed layouts
- Scaling is done on client side through javascript hence no extra load on the site's servers
- Works in the showthread, newreply, editpost, portal, moderation and private message pages
- Resizes only those images in posts and not the headers and other images
- Automatically adds a imgnoresize mycode which can be used to post images that you do not want to

be resized

- Unzip/Unrar, upload inc/plugins/fitonpage.php, jscripts/fitonpage.js and
inc/languages/english/fitonpage.lang.php to the respective directories on the server
- If you have any other language packs besides the default, upload those as well.
- Activate the plugin from the Admin Panel, Plugins section
- Setup options from settings page.

- Deactivate old plugin
- Upload the newer version files, overwriting the older ones (If you're not allowed to overwrite, delete the old files first
- Activate the plugin making sure it shows the new version number
- Setup your options from the settings page

- Deactivate from the plugins page

Support/Feature Request/Discussion thread:

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