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Add Full Featured Community Chat and FriendCenter Toolbar to your Forum

Version: 2.2.10
Author: rdbeach
Submitted: 12th April 2012
FCChat connects your web site users with chat, video conferencing, instant messaging and more.

Video Chat 3.0. The video chat has recently been upgraded, providing for higher resolution video at a lower bandwidth. Version 2.2.x now comes with FriendsCenter, an optional floating toolbar component intended for better user interaction. The instant messaging capability has been enhanced with new-messages and friends-list dialogs. New features include private video chat, 2 player games, collaborative whiteboard and documents, transliteration service, and doodlepad. The 2.2.x series will be focused on providing greater user to user interaction. In addition, you may now open the chatcenter directly into a separate window, so the the connection is maintained through page changes.

NEW IN 2.2.10
Facebook Connect - Allows users to log in with their Facebook accounts.

(To use, set facebook_connect:true in the config file.)

New search menu items for the toolbar.

(To use, set add the menu items 'wp_search' or 'wp_search_in_menu' to the menu item list. For example:



You may opt to display the toolbar in "Banner Mode" for mobile browsers. This eliminates some of the difficulties with mobile browsers not being able to display fixed elements properly.

(To use, set toolbar_banner_mode:true in the config file)

Real time text chat

Video Chat: 1 on 1 video chat and video conferencing (6 Simulaneous Cams)

Pop-out Mode: Launch Chat into a separate window

Public rooms/Private Rooms

Instant messaging/Private Chat

Upload images

User profiles

Country Flags

Collaborative whiteboard

Coloaborative document



Two player games

Split-screen Mode: Show the chat side by side with your site

Language translation feature

Assign titles to users

Customizable smileys/avatars

Customizable sounds

Customizable language templates

Customizable style templates

Administration/moderation panel

Web based file editor


Service activation comes with a 3 day free trial period. If you wish to continue the service, there is a small monthly fee.