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Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags

Allows you to customize how Facebook displays Likes/Shares of your forum.

Version: 1.1
Author: Aries-Belgium
Submitted: 30th April 2011
Last Updated: 17th June 2011
Compatible with MyBB 1.4.* and MyBB 1.6.*

You can add a Facebook like/share button to your forum but you don't really have control over how Facebook will display that like, for instance the image or the description. This plugin adds custom tags to your pages which Facebook reads to change the way how that like/share will show up on the wall of the user.

You are required to add at least 1 administrator profile id or an application id, that you have access to, in the settings. Facebook will automatically create a page for your website if the Like-button is used for the first time. You, and everyone you give in as administrator, will then be able to administer that page, stay in touch with everyone who likes your forum and see historical statistics/insights about the Likes.

If you have 1 like button on your forum which only always point to your forum index (in your header for instance), disable the custom tags for threads and profiles to force the global settings to be used.

For threads you will be able to choose what the description will be and how many characters you wish to include in the description. For the image you can pick between showing no image, the global logo, the avatar from the thread author, the first image/attachment of the first post or all images that are associated with the thread. That last option will allow users to pick which image they would like to use when posting a link to the thread on their wall.

For profiles you have the option to change the description that needs to be displayed. The choices include: the global description, the static description or any custom profile field (such as Bio). You also have the option to show the user's avatar instead of the global logo.

You can test your settings here:

PS: this plugin doesn't include a like or share button. You either have to install a plugin or add one manually to your templates. In the templates, use {$fburl} instead of a static url. Also, this will only apply to likes/shares that happen after you enabled this plugin.

Please only report bugs or any other problem in the plugin thread or the Plugin Support subforum on the MyBB Community Forum. I can not respond to comments/reviews on mod site.

This plugin will always be free but if you like this plugin and want to support the further development of this and my other plugins, feel free to donate. Not doing it doesn't restrict you or the functionality of this plugin in any way.
Donate. Thank you!

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