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EzIRC Chat for MyBB

Version: 1.2.1
Author: MadMikeyB
Submitted: 13th January 2011
Last Updated: 8th February 2011

Based off the vBulletin plugin with the same name, toonysnn since ported EzIRC to XenForo (xf plugin link). I asked if I could port it over to other forum softwares such as MyBB and he agreed.

What exactly IS EzIRC?
EzIRC is supposed to be a simple yet effective IRC chat modification for MyBB. This version is for 1.x of MyBB, and supports mibbit javascript applet.

(note, some settings may not be there, in between internal builds 1.0 and 1.2 I removed two settings).

Demo (need to be logged in unfortn.)

Previews:Preview Image 3186 Preview Image 3187