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Email on Birthday 1.1

Send an email for all today’s birth

Author: zaher1988
Submitted: 6th April 2006
Last Updated: 7th July 2006
Email on Birthday 1.1

Send an email for all today’s birth.

Upload eob.php to ./inc/plugins
Go to Admin CP > Board Settings > Plug-in Manager > Activate

  • Customize the sent messages and their subjects.
  • Optimized for a 24 hours service.
  • Easy activation and deactivation.

What’s new:
Rewritten message’s status code to ensure a 100% duplication free.

Whenever someone’ birthday came, at the moment a message will be sent to his email wishing him a Happy Birthday.

The plug-in will alter the ‘users’ table with an extra field that will help detecting the status of the message so it helps avoid multiple messages.

In the Admin CP> Board Settings > Change > Email On birthdayYou may set your custom subject and message.

From 1.0
Just upload eob.php to ./inc/plugins

No translation needed, as the messages can be directly set by the user.