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Edit Time Limit/Legend Permissions

Adds two usergroup permissions for edit time limit and removing Edited by legend.

Version: 1.0.2
Author: Starpaul20
Submitted: 28th January 2011
Last Updated: 23rd October 2013
This plugin adds two usergroup permissions that allow you to:
-Limit the length of time that users have to edit their own posts.
-Allowing the disabling of the edited by legend whenever you edit (please note that you may only disable the legend in full edit mode, it cannot be disabled in quick edit).

The usergroup permissions can be set on the Edit User Group page, under the Editing/Deleting Options section of the Forums and Posts tab.

Please note that when you use this plugin, please make sure the setting Edit Time Limit is set to 0 (to prevent any collisions).

This plugin offers full language support.

(Please see the change log for what the updates fixes)
v1.0.x -> v1.0.2: Overwrite old files, no need to deactivate.
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