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DVZ Shoutbox

User & server -friendly AJAX chat

Version: 2.0
Author: Devilshakerz
Submitted: 30th December 2012
Last Updated: 15th July 2014
Required PHP version: 5.3 or higher
Support thread:

Lightweight MyBB AJAX-based chat.

Major features:
- smileys and MyCode parsing,
- away mode (turn off autorefreshing when user is inactive for a specified period of time),
- antiflood time control,
- minimum forum posts to shout,
- blocking specified users from shouting,
- advanced group permissions system,
- "lazy load",
- archive mode with users' IP addresses visible to moderators.

DVZ Shoutbox is using jQuery JavaScript library which will be included by default in MyBB 1.8.

The installation is not fully automatic so the plugin will not mess with your styles or templates. Complete the following steps to set up the plugin:

  1. jQuery
    Include the jQuery library if you haven't done it yet. Paste this script into your headerinclude template (any latest jQuery version should work):

    <script src=""></script>

  2. CSS Code
    Copy the CSS included in the package (STYLES.txt) into your theme stylesheets (for example global.css).
  3. {$dvz_shoutbox}
    Insert the {$dvz_shoutbox} variable into your index template.
  4. Install the plugin in the ACP

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