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DVZ Mentions

Replaces @username with profile link and group color

Version: 0.2
Author: Devilshakerz
Submitted: 9th July 2014
Last Updated: 15th July 2014
Support thread:

A simple plugin parsing @username (@"Complex Username") mentions into profile links with user's group display style.

This is the most optimized edition among other plugins with similar functionality as user-related information is being loaded using a single SQL query where possible and cached.

Compatible with JSON-encoded AJAX requests going through xmlhttp.php.

Activate or Deactivate the plugin to enable or disable mentions parsing.

There are no ACP settings added, however you can configure whether you want to keep the @ prefix after username has been inserted, whether to mark the username with group display style (no unnecessary data will be also loaded if you disable this option) and add ignored words (mentioning these can be forced using quotation marks) in the plugin's file - lines 34-37:

// configuration
    static $keepPrefix = true;
    static $color      = true;
    static $ignore     = array();

Change the first or second value either to true or false.
To set ignored words insert them into the array separated by comma and surrounded by quotation marks, for example: array('author', 'up', 'down').

Mentions catching
The following rules (used in regex expression on line 43) are followed:
- matching @username or @"username" (use second form for usernames that contain whitespace or characters: !?()[]{}),
- matching usernames with length of 3 characters or longer,
- not matching mentions "sticked" to strings, i.e. [email protected],
- not matching usernames that contain any of the characters: "<>,;&\

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