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downloading files

Version: 2.0.1
Author: Edson Ordaz
Submitted: 13th November 2011
Last Updated: 20th March 2012
Plugin Name: Downloads
Plugin Author: Edson Ordaz
Plugin Email: [email protected]
Plugin Version: 2.0.1
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin language: English (thank to Lorataco for translating into language English)

Update Version 2.0.1

+ Bugs Repaired

Update Version 2.0

+ You can add many links in a download.
+ Have been fixed all bugs found.
+ Avatar is displayed when you view the download
+ It displays information of the author to see the download.
+ Plugin is optimized.

Version 1.0
It is a plugin to develop which it does is to add a page to download .. more you download is a linkeo since overwhelm your space. In my opinion it is a well-developed plugin and I dare say that cost me maybe a little more than the PIP as its administration panel is very well developed!
The plugin creates a 'panel' in the ACP called Downloads where within that encounter.

In this part you show files or downloads and created, from there you can modify, delete or make new ones. Inside you can put new file name, short description, description broadly (HTML accepted), cover, order, file url, if you can comment on that download, select the category, if that discharge will be active, user groups NO can see that and how many images will download. Then from there you create the download and will be visible to users.

As mentioned above the files are put to a category and from that module believe it. appear on page downloads.php actegorias list and from there you enter a category and within this will be the files category.

Validate downloads
Well this was the last option that adds to the plugin, mmm good to go into any category (normal user) appears in the list of topics forumdisplay and up and down the new topic button, it is the same except that in downloads page then from there users can also create downloads.
To avoid unwanted things such as a spammer in porografia and downloads from the configuration can be set if downloads are validated or not if you put that if validated in this module downloads all downloads were added entnces created as a user if I do not think shock be shown until an administrator or anyone with access to the ACP to validate the download ..

More Options
Well in this option lists all the files or downloads, and though a small table on which are
  • Topic
  • Posts
  • Reputation
  • Time Online

this is so that in each of the downloads can implement an optional extra for example: There is a discharge of an operating system created private and I think that is very very good download from this module 'plus' Find the download and put edit and put only the user can view more than 10 topics, 80 posts, 15 reputation and more than 15 days online and only users who meet these requirements may view the download. Within this module is the option (on a tab) massive editing that does the same but editing all downloads or all discharges within a category.

Well the setup is conpuesto of 4 tabs (for jQuery) which are
  • General
  • Comments
  • Extras
  • Images

within the tab General are:
Enable Downloads
This option is to activate or deactivate the plugin

Users can create downloads
This option is for downloads if users create here not select the option button appears no new discharge into categories and even attempt to enter through URL will send error.

Validate downloads
This option only works if the top is branded itself. If this option enables the user to create a download is not displayed as it will go to the list of downloads and validation will be displayed in the list of files only when the administrator (s) validation. If disabled users to create a download will automatically display with the others.

Groups that can create downloads
Here is a multiple selection box with all user groups and from ai you select the user groups who can create downloads (only if you selected Option 2)

Categories per page
here put the number of categories to display per page. example if you put 10, and 15 in a page created downloads.php appear only 10 and down the page and the next 5 will be on page 2

Archives page
Here is the same as above but these are the files within the categories.

within the tab Comments are:
Allow HTML
Is to activate the option to allow HTML in comments

Allow BBCode
Is to activate the option to allow BBCode in comments

Enable Smilies?
Is to activate the option to allow Smilies in comments

Allow Images
Is to activate the option to allow images in comments

Allow Profanity
Is to activate the option to allow comments on Profanity

BBCode Show Editor
This option is to display the BBCode editor on the textarea where you write comments

within the tab Extras are:
created allowed downloads
Here you enter the number of downloads each user allowed to create.

Required topics
Here Ingers number of issues that require users to create a download.

Posts required
Here the number of posts Ingers that requires users to create a download.

Reputation required
Here Ingers reputation that the number of users required to create a download.

Time required online
Here Ingers the time line that requires users to create a download.

within the tab Images are:
Show the cover in the download list
This option is to show the cover of the discharge in the list of categories.

Cover Size Categories
Here you enter the size (in px) separated by an X to show the cover image in the list of categories (only if option is selected above)

Maximum size of the cover
Here you enter the size (in px) separated by an X to show the image of the cover within the download

Maximum size of the images
Here you enter the size (in px) separated by an X to show pictures of the discharge.

Here are all the templates created by the plugin and from here you can modify!
Previews:Preview Image 4512 Preview Image 4513 Preview Image 4514 Preview Image 4515 Preview Image 4516 Preview Image 4517 
Preview Image 4518 Preview Image 4519 Preview Image 4520 Preview Image 4521 Preview Image 4522 Preview Image 4523 Preview Image 4524 
Preview Image 4525 Preview Image 4526