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Default Post Style

With This Plugin Users Will be Able to Set Their Default Post Style.

Version: 1.0
Author: Shahaab
Submitted: 16th August 2010
What ?
1. With This Plugin Users Will be Able to Set Their Default Post Style.
2. Comes with 3 settings.
3. Of course , an Enable / Disable option.
4. User Groups Permission, You can set which User Group to use Default Post Style.
5. Forums Permission, You can select Forum IDs where above User Groups allowed to use Default Post Style.
6. You can select multiple User Groups and Forum IDs by separating each with a comma.
7. After Activation, a link Added to User Control Panel of Above User Groups. The link lead to another Formatting Page where Users of above User Groups can Use BB Code to use on Selected Forum IDs. The BBcode will then Format all their Posts in those selected Forums.

Future Plans:
>>> A Language Compatibility. I have a very little time to make an Language file just for now, so for now their is NO Language available. (Default Language is English USA)
>>> Default Formatting Page is without any Text Editor. Next Versions will come up with a Built in Text Editor. :)