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A dark green styled theme

Author: decswxaqz
Submitted: 16th December 2005
== DeepSpace Theme For MyBBoard 1.00 ==
Comments & suggestions to decswxaqz - [email protected]

My first and probably last theme for MyBBoard.
It was going to be a sci-fi/futuristic look but it failed miserably IMHO

Anyway, all icons (apart from the forum icons) are from the Linspire Clear icon pack by Everaldo from

Installation Instructions

1) Copy the "images_deepspace/" folder to your forums' root directory.
2) Go to the Admin CP and look for "Themes", and click on "Import".
3) Click on browse and navigate to the DeepSpace-theme.xml file.
4) Make sure that the parent theme is "MyBB Master Style" and that "Import Custom Templates" is set to No.

That's it. There are a few other things you might want to do.

1) The default MyBB logo doesn't have a transparent background which results in a white logo on the home page. You can change this to a customised MyBB logo by going to "Themes", "Modify/Delete", and then editing the DeepSpace theme. Change the location of the image to "images_deepspace/logo.gif", or if you want to use the default image with a transparent background then change it to "images_deepspace/logo_2.gif". Please note the second image does have some parts of the text missing because of the way I removed the white background.
2) There are also some larger attachment icons in the "images_deepspace/attachtype" folder. If you want to include these then you should go to "Attachments", "Attachment Types" and edit the attachments. You should change the first part of the location ("images/") to "images_deepspace/".
3) There are also 2 sets of stars that you can use instead of the default MyBB ones (which have a white outline on a dark background). The easiest way to use these is to copy them over the ones stored in "images/". If you don't want to do that you will have to edit each user group by hand. "Users and Groups", "Manage Groups", "Edit Group". Change the star image location from "images/" to "images_deepspace/". There are two sets of star images. The normal ones are placed in 2 rows, the second set are in a line like the default MyBB stars. If you wish to use the latter, you will have to put a "_2" before the ".gif" extension.

There is also an admin style to go with this theme. You just need to copy the "admin/styles/DeepSpace/" folder to your "admin/styles" folder.