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Dark Fusion

Dark Fusion is a clean dark theme combining different tones of dark grey with blue accents.

Version: 3.1
Author: Jessie S.
Submitted: 3rd January 2010
Last Updated: 9th April 2011
Original Release / Support Thread:

Installation instructions:

1.) Open up your FTP client (e.g. FileZilla)
2.) Drag the "images" folder into your home directory (Commonly named "forums" or "community")

1. Open your MyBB Admin Control Panel
2. Go to the "Templates & Style" tab
3. Click "Import a Theme"
4. Click "Browse"
5. Select the Darkfusion-theme.xml file that should be in the downloaded/unzipped folder.
6. Leave parent theme as "MyBB Master Style"
8. Check all boxes in "Advanced Options"
9. You'll be redirected to your skin's page if successfully installed.
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