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Custom Forum Icons

Allows you to set a custom icon for each forum.

Version: 1.0
Author: Jammerx2
Submitted: 9th March 2010
Last Updated: 14th August 2010
This plugin allows you to set custom forum icons. It allows you to set a forum icon for new posts, no new posts, and locked forums. You set it for a specific forum in a specific theme. There is a menu in the admin cp where you can manage the icons. This uses no mysql queries and requires no code edits.

Just unzip, and upload the items inside of the folder "Custom Forum Images" keeping the same structure.

For those having problems I will post a more detailed explanation.

Go to "Forums & Posts" under the admin cp.

Click on "Forum Icons"

Click on "Add"

Select the forum and theme.

Choose a .GIF image

Choose whether it should be shown when there are new posts, no new posts, or when the forum is closed.

This also works with 1.4.*