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Continue Editing Theme

Will lets you choose whether to continue or not editing the theme.

Author: zaher1988
Submitted: 5th March 2006
Will lets you choose whether to continue or not editing the theme.


Upload cet.php to ./inc/plugins
Chmod ./admin/themes.php and ./inc/languages/YOUR LANGUAGE/admin/themes.php to 777
Go to Admin CP > Board Settings > Plug-in Manager > Activate
You may now reset that chmod of admin/themes.php and ./inc/languages/YOUR LANGUAGE/admin/themes.php back to 755

When editing a certain theme, you will be able to specify whether to continue editing or not the theme you are working on from a YES or NO selection tool, which appear below the Additional CSS Attributes, in a nice blue box.

How to use:
When editing the theme, select from the bottom yes or no, and click the submit button.

Chmod ./admin/themes.php and ./inc/languages/YOUR LANGUAGE/admin/themes.php To 777 when you need to deactivate.

*I know it really annoying but some server doesn’t allow remote chmoding.

You may translate this plug-in by editing ./inc/languages/english/admin/themes.lang.php,
Find and edit this:

PHP Code:
$l['continue_edit'] = "Continue editing this theme after submit?";