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Clickable Post Icons

This mod makes your icon posts clickable like smilies

Version: 1.0.3
Author: ELY_M
Submitted: 3rd August 2004
Last Updated: 23rd February 2012
I made new plugin for making clickable post icons :)
now it is plugin instead of needing to edit files and edit templates.

you just have to upload post icons into your smilies dir and activate them as smilies in smilies manager
then activate this plugin.
you need to edit your post icons to have : at start and end of their names.

---------- OLD MOD for earlier release of mybb -------------
This is cool mod :)

I always make post icons clickable like smilies since I first modded ikonboard and UBB.

its fun mod :)

only two files to edit.

and make sure post icons are in BOTH icons and smilies dirs :)
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