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Basic chat room interface using a CGI::IRC interface and IRC chat room

Version: .10
Author: Matt_B.
Submitted: 12th August 2008
This plugin uses the CGI::IRC interface to interact with an IRC channel. The plugin itself sets username info to be the same as the user's information in your forum and logs the user in directly to the designated channel; the interface consists of a single button the user clicks to enter the chat as well as a chat menu item in the top nav bar.

You MUST install CGI::IRC on your server before this will do you any good. Keep in mind also that many IRC networks will not allow multiple connections from a single IP, so it works best with a private IRC server. On the plus side, this method provides a very full-featured chat room with little maintenance required and the interface does not require anything on the client side, meaning it will function even for people behind restrictive firewalls or on old computers. It even works through my cell phone.

The plugin options include making the chat room private or public (does the user have to be logged in to your forum or not), the IRC server you wish to use, and the channel you wish to use.