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Buy Credit

Buy credit points using Paypal or SMS - Fortumo. This mod can be integrated with NewPoints, MyPS or Image Points.

Version: 1.0 BETA
Author: mihu
Submitted: 11th April 2011
Official website :

This plugin is intended to provide a safe and rapid interface for purchase credit points using a MyBB platform. The plugin comes with seven settings, two are necessary for Paypal GetBalance module and other 5 settings for general plugin configuration.
I'll talk a bit about this 5 important configuration settings that can be founded here : Admin CP> Configuration> Settings> Buy Credit. The first four of these five settings relates to the purchase by Paypal module. The first, called "Amount of points" allows the administrator to set several packages of points that can be purchased through Paypal. Next setting "How much is a point?" comes to tell to the system the real money that a user must spend in order to buy a virtual point - credit point. One of the most important setting is "The name of database field" that specifies system field name from "users" table , where points are added when a user buy a package, either by SMS or by Paypal (in fact this setting is common to both Paypal and SMS module). Of course that we need a setting in which you have to specific mail address used to receive money through Paypal. This is "E-mail address of PayPal account". Finally, last setting "Points name" design and comes just to name items.
1) Upload all files from archive into your MyBB root forum directory. You must upload each file into the directory specified.
2) Go to Admin CP -> Plugin Manager -> Buy Credit and activate it.
3) Check your new settings [ Admin CP -> Board settings -> Change Settings -> Buy Credit (7 Settings) ]
4) If you want to add SMS packages , go to Admin CP -> Tools and Maintenance -> Buy Credit and add how many do you want.
5) Enjoy.
This is the first version.
If you found a bug please report it here.
Excuse me for my bad english!
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