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Bug Tracker

MyTracker is a simple but effective bug/project tracker integrated with MyBB.

Version: 1.0.2
Author: Tomm M
Submitted: 18th August 2009
Last Updated: 23rd February 2010
MyTracker is a quick, simple and effective issue tracking system that fully integrates with your MyBB community. It allows your community to track "bugs" or issues in any project - from the latest software you're making to doing your homework.

You can manage your developers/workers, statuses, priorities and pretty much everything else too. MyTracker uses MyBB's template system, so you can customise it in whatever way you want - you can also change the language pack so you can translate it into your own language!

MyTracker also uses MyBB's ACP tabs as its main navigation. It features ajax-style pagination, comments, an activity timeline and an ideas system - much like what you see where on MyBB.

To install MyTracker, just upload all the files in the download to your forum (keeping the structure in the folder), and browse to ./tracker/install/. Follow the simple instructions and you'll be tracking in no time. For more info, see the readme file in the download.

MyTracker is not an official MyBB plugin. It was made by Xekko. Support can be found at