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Avatar caption

This pluging adds a caption under the avatar, WARNING: if you deactivate this plugin, every user will lose there caption, this can not be undone.

Author: nitemare
Submitted: 25th October 2005
simply activate the plugin and it will add a feild to the users profile and then disply it under there avatar in there userCP member profile and in the posts

<b>warning, if you deavtivate this plugin, the mysql databases will be changed, and every users saved caption will be lost, simply reactivating it will not work, every user will have to re-enter there caption</b>

<i><b>alittle notice:</b> i have currently found 3 bugs with this plugin, the first being that i forgot to remove the "echo $acaption" line from the last function, AND the second being that when you veiw the profile for other people, it displays your own caption by mistake

i am currently working on a fix for the second one, i'll keep you updated

i may also mayve it advanced plugin compatable