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Auto Assign Groups

Auto assigns groups to members when they get a post count.

Version: 2.1
Author: goughy000
Submitted: 12th July 2007
Last Updated: 30th January 2008
This plugin allows you to set rules that auto set groups to members when they reach a certain post count.

To install....

DEACTIVATE any old versions of the plugin

UPLOAD the new files

ACTIVATE the plugin in admin CP

REFRESH admin cp

Scroll down the left menu to the bottom and click "Rules" under "Auto Assign Groups"

Add groups to the locked groups section!!!!!!!!
The following groups are HIGHLY recomended, without them you may lose all Admin privs on your site!!
Super Mods

Add as many rules as you like to the top section, the groups must already exist.

Your users will now be updated when they reach the required post counts you set.
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