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April Fools Plugin

Make your forums look hacked with this great joke.

Version: 1.3
Author: Nate
Submitted: 6th April 2007
Last Updated: 7th April 2007
This was completly based off of the "Hello World" modification that comes with MyBB. I literally changed words around, and made it more like a joke, and added use to a good plugin.

In general, I didn't think people would ever seriously use the Hello World plugin, though it was a cute little plugin. So I opened up "hello.php" and went to work at putting some use to it.

What happens? Your forums look like they have been hacked. Don't worry, the template isn't screwed up, but you get the same effects as the "Hello World" plugin. Want to get an idea of what it does before you download this plugin? Open up your acp and turn it on (assuming you haven't deleted it).

At the top of every post, this weird poem is inserted, along with some text about the forums getting hacked but of course you admins will know otherwise

I really hope it was okay that this is simply just based directly off of hello.php
The contents of the zip below is simply aprilfools.php just plug it into your inc/plugins directory

Well, have fun with your members, and I hope you enjoy!

I give large amounts of credit to the original author.