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Advanced Stats on Index/Portal for MyBB 1.4.x

This plugin shows more board statistics on index.php and/or portal.php.

Version: 3.1
Author: Smethead
Submitted: 16th May 2009
Last Updated: 28th May 2009
With this plugin you can show more statistics as lists on your index page and/or portal page.
These statistics include:
Most viewed threads
Most replied-to threads
Newest threads
Newest replies
Newest members
Top posters
Today's top posters
Most popular forums
and Highest reputated members

Since version 3.1 also:
Upcoming Events/birthdays and Newest Polls

You can choose which stats to show on index and which to show on portal.
You can choose whether to show it on top of the page or on the bottom.
You can also choose the amount of items in the lists.
Previews:Preview Image 1181 Preview Image 1182