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Advanced Stats on Index/Portal for MyBB 1.2.x

Allows you to show more stats like 'Most Viewed Threads' and 'Top Posters' on the index page and portal page.

Author: Smethead
Submitted: 5th September 2006
Last Updated: 14th February 2007
• Allows you to show more stats on the index page and/or portal page.
• You're able to change the location of the stats (index or portal template)
• You can choose to show the 'Most Viewed Threads', 'Most Replied-to Threads', 'Newest Replies', 'Newest Threads', 'Top Posters', 'Today's Top Posters', 'Newest Members', 'Most Popular Forums', 'Highest Reputated Members', 'Online Members'.
• You can choose how much items there should be in a list.
• You can choose how much a thread name should be stripped if it's very long.
• You can change all these settings in 'AdminCP >> Board Settings >> Change >> Advanced Stats on Index Settings'.
• Available languages: English, Dutch, German. The language is automatically set to the one the user has chosen for MyBB.
• A backup can be made of settings when disactivating.
• Compatible with 'Classic Reputation System'-plugin.
• You can choose different styles to show the stats. The 'Normal' style is what it was in previous versions. The 'Hover' style doesn't show the details of the items in the lists unless you hover over the items in the list. The 'Expand & Collapse' style doesn't show the lists unless you click one of the titles. Then it shows the list of the title you hover over. These last two styles are useful for people who want to show lots of stats or have a theme which makes their board smaller.