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Advanced Quick Reply 2.2.0

Advanced Quick Reply for 1.6.11

Version: 2.2.0
Author: Cyber Boy
Submitted: 9th March 2012
Last Updated: 11th December 2013
This plugin adds the MyCode Editor and the Smilie Inserter to the Quick Reply form.

1. Upload the inc folder to your MyBB installation directory.
2. Go to your Admin-CP and click Plugins.
3. Click Install & Activate.

Upload the inc/languages folder to your MyBB installation directory and overwrite
existing files.

Configure the settings in your Admin-CP >> Configuration >> Settings >>
Advanced Quick Reply Form.

You agree that the author of this plugin will not be held responsible for
anything which may happen as a result of downloading, installing or using any of
the files that you are downloading, including any instructions included in the
download. You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin or a modified version
without the permission of the author.

Changelog (+ added, * changed, - fixed):
2.2.0 * Converted language files to UTF8 without BOM.
2.2.0 * Removed language fix. An update from 1.0.1 to 2.2.0 isn't necessary!
2.2.1 - Global language overwritten by language var.
2.0 Initial Version.
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