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Advanced Plugins

Provides the user with access to online readme files and automatically updates your plugins

Author: decswxaqz
Submitted: 6th November 2005
You can now view readme/help files online from the plugin manager page.
This provides you with easy access to help should you run into trouble on your forums.

But the main feature of this plugin is the ability to update your plugins with just 2 clicks.
Plugins that have this ability will check your plugin against the latest version of the plugin. If your plugin is older it will auto install the new version!

You must have "Easy Install" activated before you can install this plugin
Do NOT upload plugin_update.php to your plugins directory. This is for devlopers to use.

Only admins that can change settings have access to this plugins functionality. This is MyBB's restriction and not my own. If you want me to provide access to other admins (via a seperate admin permission) then please reply to my plugin topic.

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Modifies the plugin page so you can see which plugins have readme files and can update themselves

An example of a readme file/function (isn't it pretty ^-^)

The update plugin page. Shows you the code it will install before it's installed.
If the plugin being installed is compatible with EI for updating (rather than installing) it will make the modifcations to the files automatically! It'd be like you never turned your plugin off for updating and the forum will function as planned with new functionality.