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Advanced Navigation Bar 2.0

Adds A navigation bar below the welcome panel

Author: zaher1988
Submitted: 7th February 2006

Upload the downloaded file anb2.php to ./inc/plugins.
Chmod global.php to 777
Go to you plugin manager (Admin CP > Board Settings > Plugins Manager) and activate it.
You may now revert the chmod. But note when you want to deactivate you have to chmod global.php to 777.
On Activate :

 The Bar will be placed with Logout | Search | Member List | Calendar | Help
 The old bar which is above the welcome panel will be gone.
 You may add any custom link to that panel by going to Admin CP > Templates > Edit Delete > Expand >Index Page Templates > index, and point to the bar's script, and just add something like that.

<a href="">Your Page</a> |

On Deactivate:
 The Bar will be removed.
 The orignal bar we again appaear above the welcome panel.

What’s new:
 The logout bug was fixed.
 Possibility of hide / show it.
 Available all over the board.

The Bar is 100% in width of the container, and will have enough space to hold more than 15 links.

You may also customize its background by editing the template of the Bottom links Menu.