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Add game PHP

Add a game from a PHP file.

Version: 1.0
Author: nekng
Submitted: 12th December 2006
Last Updated: 9th July 2007
Note, if you are using a version of the game section higher than 1.0.x please use the "add game tar" mod.
Warning: This mod is to be use in addition with the Game section mod version 1.0.6!

MOD description:

OK, so there are many games that come in archived folders, they normally contain a flash file, 2 image files, and a PHP file.

Until now you had to put the flash file in /games and then put the image files in /games/images. Then you had to try and guess the game settings when you went to add game in the admin cp.

Well with this mod after you put the files in their right folder you upload the PHP file to /games/add_php. Then you go to /games/addone.php and type in the name of the PHP file that you just uploaded and the category that you want the game to be in.

1) make a folder in /games called /add_php
2) download the attached file and open it in your favorite text editor
3) change $auid to your uid
4) upload the file to /games
5) go to /games/addone.php to add games

NOTE: This is my first PHP script that I'm releasing so the coding is not that advanced for a reason.
Also I know that this feature will be in the next version of the game section, so this is just a temporary solution until then.