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Accept Terms

Require users to agree to specified terms before they can reply to or create threads.

Version: 1.0
Author: Spencer
Submitted: 25th August 2011
Last Updated: 25th August 2011
Upload the contents inside the 'Upload' folder into your forum's root directory.
Once uploaded, navigate to your Admin CP > Plugins > Find 'Accept TOS' and click Install and Activate

After installation, navigate to Configuration > Settings > Find 'Accept TOS'. There should be three fields: enable or disable the plugin, define the body message of the terms, and a field to input forum ids respectively.

Define your terms in the respective field, and specify the forum ids you want to enable this plugin for (for multiple forums, separate the forum ids with commas).

Now, when a user attempts to reply to or create a new thread in the defined forums, they will receive an error message indicating they need to agree to the terms. A private message is also dispatched with the terms and a link to click when the user has read and agreed.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0

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