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4.1.1 Public Theme

Public release of theme but kept old name. Version 4.0 brings a lot of changes.

Version: 4.1.1
Author: Ajdija
Submitted: 28th November 2010
Last Updated: 18th July 2011
I have released this theme after lots of requests. Hope you guys like it.
It's totally free, check license.txt for usage terms.

4.1 Fixes all problems with images.
4.1.1 Deletes yahoo sharing button

- Sharing pop-up buttons
- Horizontal postbit
- Lots of additional images, including group images and ones for popular plugins.
- Clear and purity, eye friendly colors
- Unique design
- Reasonable use of the space
- User friendly login box

Author: Mateusz Grzesiukiewicz

Preview Image 2918Preview Image 2919Preview Image 2920Preview Image 2921Preview Image 2922

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