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1 Company

A very simple blue and white theme designed to for simplicity.

Version: 1.1 Beta
Author: Jack Clarke
Submitted: 29th May 2011
Last Updated: 4th June 2011
A very simple blue and white theme designed to for simplicity.

If you wish for this theme to display properly on smaller resolutions you will need to set of a fixed width of around 1100px or more. This can be done by going ACP > Templates & Style > 1 Company > Global.css > Container.

The theme has a javascript dropdown for user options which lists the following;

User CP
Mod CP
Admin CP
New Posts
Today's Posts

The PSDs for the english images are included for this theme however not in the download due to space issues. You can find a link in the Extras folder to download the PSD.

Javascript conflicts fixed by Aries-Belgium. Please update!

Thanks to Aries-Belgium for helping with the Javascript issues.

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Please read carefully through the license before using this theme.
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