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# # 6 ( 2 RTL ) Blue Skin ( MyBBSkin.Ir)

Blue Skin theme ( Iran-Talk.Ir)

Version: 1.1.2
Author: !ArTiN!
Submitted: 15th May 2012
Last Updated: 29th May 2014
Hi my friendS

this theme is The most advanced in MyBB

Author: Omid KarimZadeh (!ArTiN!)




* color theme is Blue

* is the RTL

* BeSt postbit classic

* Advanced Signature

>>>> [img][/img]

* Advanced Attachments

>>>> [img][/img]

* Sub forums

>>>>> [img][/img]

* BeSt Size Editor & Smileys iS Scroll

>>>> [img][/img]

* Previous form of security problems have been solved

*Beautiful Header and footer [img][/img]

BY: Omid KarimZadeh ( )
My web:
Support in:

I hope you enjoy this skin
Previews:Preview Image 5491 Preview Image 5492 Preview Image 5493 Preview Image 5494 Preview Image 5495 Preview Image 5496 
Preview Image 5497 Preview Image 5498 Preview Image 5499 Preview Image 5500