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Template visible only at members

Create a template visible only at members

Uppermost we must create a template. I created the footer_reg template in the Footer templates of my theme in use and insert the code that will appear in template.
Now go into the index.php of the forum board and add this code before the end of file (before ?>)

PHP Code:
if($mybb->user['uid'] != 0)
"\$footer_reg = \"".$templates->get("footer_reg")."\";");

Now return at the top of the file (index.php) and find:

PHP Code:
$templatelist "index,index_whosonline,index_welcomememb ​ertext,index_welcomeguest,index_whosonli​ ne_memberbit,forumbit_depth1_cat,forumbi​ t_depth1_forum,forumbit_depth2_cat,forum​ bit_depth2_forum,forumbit_depth1_forum_l​ astpost,forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost,i​ ndex_modcolumn,forumbit_moderators,forum​ bit_subforums,index_welcomeguesttext"

Replace with:

PHP Code:
$templatelist "index,index_whosonline,index_welcomememb ​ertext,index_welcomeguest,index_whosonli​ ne_memberbit,forumbit_depth1_cat,forumbi​ t_depth1_forum,forumbit_depth2_cat,forum​ bit_depth2_forum,forumbit_depth1_forum_l​ astpost,forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost,i​ ndex_modcolumn,forumbit_moderators,forum​ bit_subforums,index_welcomeguesttext,foo​ter_reg"


PHP Code:
$templatelist .= ",index_birthdays_birthday,index_birthday ​s,index_pms,index_loginform,index_logout​ link,index_stats,forumbit_depth3,forumbi​ t_depth3_statusicon,index_boardstats"

Replace with:

PHP Code:
$templatelist .= ",index_birthdays_birthday,index_birthday ​s,index_pms,index_loginform,index_logout​ link,index_stats,forumbit_depth3,forumbi​ t_depth3_statusicon,index_boardstats,foo​ter_reg"

So, add {$footer_reg} in the template that you'd link to show...