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RevShare Integration

Integrate RevShare on your forum to protect your external URL's and to earn money!

You can use RevShare to prevent your site from appearing in the server logs of referred pages as referrer. More than that, you can place your own banner ads on redirection page, in this way you can increase your income. How to do that is very simple, so follow these easy steps:

1) Access that page and create a free account:

2) After registration, login on RevShare (if you aren't already loggedin) and on dashboard you will find your API key

3) Now login to you forum, go on administration panel and edit your template "Footer Template" -> "footer"

4) Replace "API-KEY" with your api key on code from bellow, copy this code and add it in the end of "footer" template. After that save changed and you're done.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript"> api_key = "API-KEY"; protected_links = ""; auto_hide(); </script>