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Change Users Website URL to NOFOLLOW

Change your users website filed under WWW to NOFOLLOW

As you will be knowing that My-BB is using DoFollow tag for users website filed under www.

If you care for Pagerank and don't want to waste it on others site then this change will help you.

Actually i am a Search Engine Optimist and i was worried for this DoFollow tag so i tried to make it NoFollow and i succeeded.

Its Pretty Simple to change it to No-Follow

Here is how you can do it

1) Login to AdminCp.
2) Then go to Template>Modify / Delete.
3) Select your template and click on Expand.
4) You will find 'Post Bit Templates' click on Expand from the right side.
5) In 'Post Bit Templates' after expanding you will find 'postbit_www'.
6) Then Find this Code in 'postbit_www'.

<a href="{$post['website']}" target="_blank">

And replace with this

<a href="{$post['website']}"rel="nofollow" target="_blank">

Save the template.

Done, all the url's are NoFollow now including your's :D

Although this is free but you can make a small donation which will encourage me to find more SEO related stuff :)

Live Demo -
Support thread here -

Thank You.
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