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Automatically Generate Plugin Stubs

Generate a plugin stub from the command line in windows

* Generate plugin stubs in a couple of seconds
* Include _info, _activate and _deactivate
* _activate creates setting group for plugin based on plugin name
* _deactivate cleans up settings and setting group
* By default GPL the plugin generated
* Include all default _info parameters in command line
* Easy to use / install

1) Unzip genplugin.exe to somewhere in your system PATH ( C:\WINDOWS etc )
2) Open a command prompt and type "genplugin" for command line options
3) Try this example: genplugin -n "The Plugin Name" -d "The Plugin Description" -w -a "Joe Watkins" -as -v 0.1 -o ./The_Plugin_Name_v0.1
4) Never have to write a plugin stub again

Why ??
I write a few plugins and am bored of writing the same code over and over again for _info _activate and _deactivate, this saved me a good 10 minutes of messing about.

Versions ??
I use MyBB 1.2.13 however guid is included so until mybb stop using the current plugin layout it should support all versions

Updates ??
No never, I wont update it, I wrote it to save me a few minutes and it does that perfectly, there really isn't anything to add.