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Ajax SB Smilies JS

Add to your Ajax SB Button Smilies

AdminCP --> Templates --> Edit/Delete --> Global Templates --> Expand Templates --> sf_shoutbox --> Options --> Full Edit

<div><strong>{$lang->sf_sb_shoutbox}</strong> (<a href="index.php?action=full_shoutbox">{$lang->sf_sb_fullsbox}</a>)<br /></div>

After Add
<div><strong>Smilies</strong><A HREF="jdisplayWindow('',200,300)"><b> (Click)</b></a>
<br /></div>

AdminCP --> Templates --> Edit/Delete --> Your Templates --> headerinclude --> Expand Templates --> Full Edit

add at the end
function displayWindow(url, width, height) {
var Win =,"displayWindow",'width=' + width + ',height=' + height + ',resizable=0,scrollbars=yes,menubar=no' );

Name:Ajax SB Smilies JS

Im edited sf_shoutbox and add this code


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