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You can continue to download submissions for MyBB 1.6 and earlier here, however new submissions will only be accepted via the new mods site.

Popular Graphics

List of most downloaded graphics

Name Author Downloads
40x15 Group Ranks pack - 1.6.x
Group Ranks with shapes/floral/dirty/trival and grass brushes Multi color
vcode 4447
MyBB Transparent Image Pack - 1.0.0
A compilation of transparent logos, buttons, icons, and images used in MyBB
lorddonk 4294
Avatar Gallery Images - 1.1
75 Avatars for your gallery that comes with MyBB.
Tigierz 3951
Fresh Smileys
14 smileys, 24x24 pixels all PNG format so it could blend on any kind of backgrounds.
FullMetalBabe 3904
Group Rank 1.2 - 1.2
High quality animated Rank Images by
Sukanjan.K 3876
19px Yellow Smilies (Dark Backgrounds) - 1.0
Yellow (19px - Dark Background) smilies.
Jag100 3721
Group Rank 1.3 - 1.3
High quality Non-animated & Animated Rank Images by
Sukanjan.K 3340
Blue Neutral Buttons - 1.0
Blue Neutral Buttons for mybb 1.4.x
Jag100 2897
19px Yellow Smilies (Light Backgrounds) - 1.0
Yellow (19px) smilies.
Jag100 2729
Dark Glow Buttons - 1.0
Dark glow buttons for mybb 1.6. It's transparent, can be used for dark and light themes.
Tenebrous 2482