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Advanced WYSIWYG Editor - 1.2.1 by Simon S.

Thank you simon, for this wonderful release. IMHO this is the best wysiwyg editor for mybb. It has released alot of stress on my users while making colorful and descriptive posts. :D
Hope to see more good releases from you. ;)

Written By: TheGodFather, 22nd January 2011

The quick edit doesnt work when this editor is ON ...can you please fix it?

When the editor is ON, I can't quick edit edit.

Written By: zero_coke, 23rd March 2011

The editor itself looks nice and has good features, but;

There's no way to add mycodes to the editor. And it overwrites any other plugins you might have that would have created new editor buttons.

Importing new themes creates PHP errors (tried even importing a copy of the default with a new name).

Creating new themes errors on needing a 'valid ID' regardless of what is entered into the ID field - and no documentation explains what this field requires.

Written By: arcady0, 4th April 2011

The editor is nice and the existence of both wysiwyg and source modes is great. I have a few problems with it. As someone else also mentioned above, when you enable the editor for the quick reply, quick edit will no longer work. I took a quick look at the problem. It seems that after you enable it for quick reply, the "Thread.js" file is no longer included in the pages which causes the problem. It would be great if you could fix this problem.

Written By: babak, 20th April 2011

If you edit Templates->Global Templates->wysiwyg_quickreply template and add
<script type="text/javascript" src="jscripts/thread.js?ver=1600"></script>
at the bottom of the template, quick reply starts working.

Written By: babak, 20th April 2011

when I access editor themes, I found an error:

Warning [2] call_user_func(wysiwygtheme_default) []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback - Line: 1019 - File: admin/modules/style/editorthemes.php PHP 5.2.9 (Linux)

what is wrong??help me pliss

Written By: kolombaru, 10th May 2011

This is an absolutely fantastic WYSIWYG, I do have one error, it seems that 'undo' then 'redo' clears out the editable area and makes it un-useable.
Does anyone have a solution for this? (I think I'm just going to remove the undo/redo buttons though).

Still outside that it works fantastic and fits very nicely (after modification) into my theme.

Written By: FlyingMongoose, 12th May 2011

I get a problem, after install this plugin I can't klik smile in pop up

Written By: kolombaru, 18th July 2011

Multiqoute doesn't work for me :(

Written By: Br33zer, 30th July 2011

a PROBLEM!!!!!

when I insert new img(on my host address) to post , This Image not Viewed!

Written By: yastheme, 10th September 2011

This is the best wysiwyg editor for MyBB. Another useful button is needed and it's a button to change text direction. Left to right (ltr) and right to left (rtl)
users can manually add direction="rtl" at source panel but it would be great if this can be done with a button. like many of wysiwyg editor. (Take a look at TinyMCE):

Would you please tell me how can I add this button to the editor?!

Thank you

Written By: armin3000, 16th September 2011

Works like a charm on my forum... Thanks, dude!

Written By: vistatech, 29th November 2012

not working for MyBB 1.6.9

Please update!

Written By: Nestar, 28th December 2012

Don't work for MyBB 1.6.9. Update please!!

Written By: Xilver266, 7th January 2013

Not working with Mybb 1.6.9 :(
I am really missing WYSIWYG, if i upgrade to 1.6.9
Because of WYSIWYG, i wont upgrade to new version 1.6.9 :(

Written By: mayur, 12th January 2013

Awesome Plugin mate :) thank you very much!

Written By: splitt3r, 14th February 2013

To fix this plugin broken by MyBB 1.6.9, open the wysiwyg.php file and search for this line (should be on line 396 or there around):

$page = str_replace("<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"jscripts/editor.js?ver=1603\"></script>", $new, $page);

and then add this line immediately after the line above

$page = str_replace("<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"jscripts/editor.js?ver=1609\"></script>", $new, $page);

Written By: Mathias Malmqvist, 12th August 2013

Although the fix I mentioned above fixes the plugin post MyBB 1.6.9, there are still too many issues with this plugin that I don't dare use it.

For example, there's the problem with pressing the Undo button breaking the whole "Editor" WYSIWYG tab of the editor (the text is still in the "source" tab). I've looked into how to disable the Undo/Redo buttons, but not yet found the ideal fix.

But more over, I'm not confident this plugin works well on all platforms. On my iPhone for example the editor field only cover one-fifth of the width of the page, and many of the tool buttons does not function, etc.

Written By: Mathias Malmqvist, 12th August 2013

Hmm, installed and working just fine on mybb.

Written By: DarkflameZM, 25th April 2014

Installed in 1.6.15, I had to make one change is wysiwyg.php file:

Afther this line (near 396):

$page = str_replace("<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"jscripts/editor.js?ver=1603\"></script>", $new, $page);

Write this line:

$page = str_replace("<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"jscripts/editor.js?ver=1615\"></script>", $new, $page);

This is the same change that Mathias proposed but note that "ver" is set to "1615". I tested the plugin and by now 0 errors/bugs.

Good Luck.

Written By: ajacosta, 11th September 2014

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