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Guest Warn - 3 by Clear

Great plugin. Thanks!

Written By: shovenose, 31st May 2011

gracias , thanks man 100% good

Written By: SKIDROW, 28th January 2012

Very useful and professional looking plugin. Thank you. :-)

Written By: libertygirl, 11th February 2012

This is an amazing plugin! As you say it's truly elegant and simple! Thank you!

Written By: GunnerAIO, 5th April 2012

good plugin, but one big problem: our shoutbox is no more loading after plugin-activation. must uninstall it.

Written By: Axxis, 15th August 2012

problem in selecting a topic
for exp you cant select them to set as closed or sticky

Written By: oceanfear, 15th January 2013

Solved header include code
<script type="text/javascript">jQuery.noConflict();</script>

Written By: oceanfear, 15th January 2013

Once activated, this Plug In doesn't allow HTML in Posts ( the Menu bar above a New post against a New Post with various HTML, Video, Image options simply vanishes ! ) Pl look into this

Written By: Learning, 13th September 2013

0thanks tryed it works good :)

Written By: darkvader555, 9th March 2014

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