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Userpages for MyBB - 1.3 by Euan T

Very nice, but I suggest adding a box where you can put html codes that you don't want your users to use so there won't be as much of a chance of people injecting malicious code.

Written By: joey19982, 7th June 2011

When I deactivate this plugin then try to uninstall it, I get this awesome hard error regarding SQL.

You may or may not want to check into fixing that. Either way I removed it from my board.

Written By: xomp, 10th July 2011

Thanks for the Plugin, works like a charm :) The error mentioned in the other review originates from a typo in userpages.php, Line 424

>> TABLE_PREFIX."usera <<

should be

>> TABLE_PREFIX."users <<

Written By: xnovax, 11th August 2011

Nice, indeed. It would be even nicer if Moderator actions would apper in the Moderator log.

Written By: linguist, 25th February 2012

Very handy, but there are a few features I'm left wanting for that (if implemented) could really make this mod shine:

    [#]Changing the MyCode setting in the admin panel will disable ALL BBCode.
    [#]None of the tags I have specified in MyCode are being parsed.
    [#]Extra white-space (such as multiple line breaks) are not being stripped out as they should be.
    [#]The page on which one creates and edits their userpage does not contain a method to allow you to preview changes.
    [#]The page on which one creates and edits their userpage does not contain a link to allow you to visit your userpage — in fact the link doesn't seem to exist within the UserCP. You must instead visit your actual profile first before you can find the link to your own profile.
    [#]When viewing a userpage, you have no link to edit your own, nor to moderate one (if your usergroup possesses that permission).

Written By: Larathiel, 6th June 2013

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