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UserCP Ref Tools - 1.1 by ebildude123

This is a fantastic tool and spooky that you uploaded it the day I decided it could do with inventing. lol However, I've uploaded the image to the correct folder but no image shows (There isn't a red cross, just nothing there).

I hope we can solve it. (No doubt down to something I've done or not

Written By: libertygirl, 5th February 2012

It'snot showing up in most custom themes.
Please add a tutorial in template editing.

Written By: king_og, 7th February 2012

I can't see where to change my review but I shall update it here. I emailed the person who created this and I promptly received an email apologising and updating me that it had been fixed. There was also a link to the download which saved me time finding it. (thank you for that)

The modification is brilliant and was ironically just what I was looking for on the day it was uploaded. I will be looking for mods created by this person.

Full stars to this user!

Written By: libertygirl, 11th February 2012

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