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User-agent - 1.4 by bryn

Appears to work well; to make the current version (Submitted: 14th August 2008) work with non-MySQL databases supported by MyBB, you may need to split the ALTER TABLE statement. (Look near line 195 of inc/includes/useragent.php)

PHP Code:
    $query $db->query("ALTER TABLE ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts ADD `system` VARCHAR( 32 ) DEFAULT 'icon_unknown_s' NOT NULL");
$query $db->query("ALTER TABLE ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts ADD `browser` VARCHAR( 32 ) DEFAULT 'icon_unknown_b' NOT NULL"); 

Written By: lewellyn, 17th January 2009

Works very well, however more recent Browsers and OSes will report weirdly. For example, a computer running Windows 7 and using Google Chrome will report as using Windows NT and Safari.

This can be fixed by adding new Browsers and OSes into the file in association with the order the user agents will be checked upon.

For example, to add Google Chrome, this code must be added before Safari's code:

    else if (strpos($ua, 'chrome') !== false) $ua_browser = 'chrome';

Written By: SephorixTH, 21st June 2010

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