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Unanswered Posts - 1.0 by sayakb

I'm not getting a link. Where should this link appear?

[EDIT]It was added to the default theme. I'll need to edit the plugin to work with my theme.[/EDIT]

The link should appear after the "View Today's Posts" link. How can I make this work with the Vista_F theme?

[EDIT]Apparently this was some kind of caching issue. Editing the header_welcomeblock_member template in the Vista_F theme resulted in two unanswered thread links. Reverting to the original again made the plugin function as intended.[/EDIT]

Written By: Nilpo, 27th July 2009

This is a handy plugin! It works really well, no problem with the installation. An "Unanswered Topics" link appears just before your Private Messages link in the welcome block header.

The only thing worth noting is ....if you have any private forums make sure you specify which to ignore in the settings otherwise they can be seen! -_-

Thanks for taking the time to make this!

Written By: hazelstutorials, 1st September 2011

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