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Trash can forum - 2.0 by Martin M.

I was hoping this was like the one built into SMF and it was apart from the most important thing, once you delete from the trashcan it still drops the post count so you'd still have members moaning

Written By: defiant, 11th June 2008

That's the point. Great mod. It works excellently, especially if you don't try deleting things from the trash can. *cough* :)

Written By: bundyxc, 16th December 2008

Works good for me.

Written By: Serenity278, 16th June 2009

Works perfectly for me.

I would highly recommend it as it ensures if anything is deleted accidentally you can bring it back, or you can use it to move offensive posts etc for later reference.

Great work and thank you.

Written By: Disciple of Nagash, 31st January 2010

Very useful. Thanks.

Written By: Automotive, 4th April 2010

I love this and it works perfect I have been using for a while now..with not one complaint! Thanks

Written By: Starnova, 29th June 2010

If this is still maintained, use this language file changes on the next update.

$l['purge_next_threads'] = "Purge the next [1] threads";
$l['purge_next_thread'] = "Purge next thread";
$l['purge_threads_left'] = "You have now [1] threads left! Allmost there! :P";
$l['purge_thread_left'] = "You have now one thread left! Woohoo!";
$l['you_really_want_to_purge_the_threads'] = "Are you sure you want to purge [1] threads?";
$l['you_really_want_to_purge_the_thread'] = "Are you sure you want to purge this thread?";
$l['purge_trash_threads'] = "Purge trash threads";
$l['purge_trash_thread'] = "Purge trash thread";

Written By: TGM, 17th August 2010

This works great on myBB 1.6.0 for me.

Written By: Darrell, 14th October 2010

I am still using this plugin on a 1.4 and 1.6 forum. It is working well but untfortunately inside the modcp deleted threads are shown as

Thread Deleted: {1}

without showing the thread subject. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Edit @BURN3R:
Unfortunately your proposal doesn't work. It is still showing

Thread Deleted: {1}

Written By: Jockl, 15th January 2011

It works perfect. Thanks for the great job.

Recommendation: It'll be still better if you could specify which forums threads will go to the Trash Forum, 'cause as this is now, all deleted threads go there, and maybe it's no so important to keep all deleted posts into this forum.

Written By: Torrecus, 7th March 2011

To fix the "Thread Deleted: {1}" modcp entry

In trash.php on line 555

$modlogdata['thread_subject'] = $thread['subject'];
log_moderator_action($modlogdata, sprintf($lang->thread_deleted, $thread['subject']));

$modlogdata['fid'] = $fid;
$modlogdata['tid'] = $tid;
$modlogdata['thread_subject'] = $thread['subject'];
log_moderator_action($modlogdata, $lang->thread_deleted);

Written By: BURN3R, 29th April 2011

Its not compatible with 1.6.7..
please upgrade..

Written By: WINBOY, 1st May 2012

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