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The Cure for MyBB 1.6 - 1.1 by Audentio

Very good theme. Well designed and put together.

If I used it myself, which I may in the near future, I would most likely modify the registration and login a bit to look a little more like ipb.

Other then that, a great theme!

Written By: Tim-7967, 17th August 2010

Beautiful theme! Only have one problem: The pictures are not being displayed. Strange...

Written By: APag96, 27th August 2010

Yes, if you use another language you need change the images/thecure/english directory's name to your language example i use dutch language, i have changed images/thecure/english to dutch and its now images/thecure/dutch and it works perfect.

Live demo:


Written By: tjeckit, 27th August 2010

This is a great looking and well laid template
Not sure if this template has the latest hooks inserted as many plugins that work with other 1.6 themes fail to work with The Cure

If these issues can be worked out this will be second to non as the most professional looking theme for 1.6

Written By: PeterT, 14th September 2010

Best theme ever!

Written By: StevenF50, 12th October 2010

have a problem with this themes
look at this pic.....

Written By: hambalie, 6th November 2010

This is not a 1.6 theme. When uploading it gives a version incompatibility error and requires ignore version to be ticked. Its 1.4, this will give issues :(

Written By: Leefish, 2nd December 2010

i have been using this theme..since months...
all my users say only a single word.....awesome....

although facing some problems with mods and plugins..i would recommend to go with this one....
see my site with this theme

Written By: envira, 12th December 2010

This is not a 1.6 theme.

Written By: vladyaro, 26th January 2011

So wheres the download link?

Written By: MH-Pro700, 26th January 2011

Never mind, i found it

Written By: MH-Pro700, 26th January 2011

I really don't understand why it says that it supports MyBB 1.6.

I have 1.6.3 and when I tried installing it, it told me that the version was not compatible, are there ANY compatible themes for 1.6.3 ?

Please email me to [email protected]
Thanks a lot.

Written By: Tone Revolution, 5th July 2011

I ran it on 1.63 and it was fine. When installing make sure you tic / check off Ignore Version Compatibility and it should work just fine :)

Written By: Starnova, 23rd July 2011

Problem with displaying pictures ? Probably You use other than english language version. Change in ACP -> Themes -> The Cure image location from /images/thecure

/images/thecure/{your language}

For example if You use Polish, than :




Polish version of whatever is above :

Problem z wyświetlaniem zdjęć ? Prawdopodobnie używasz innej niż angielska wersji językowej. Zmień w ACP -> Style i Szablony -> The Cure katalog obrazków z /images/thecure

/images/thecure/{Twój język}

Na przykład, jeżeli używasz j.polskiego, wówczas :




Written By: dajzeta, 14th September 2011


Written By: aan2307, 9th February 2012

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