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Thanks - 3.9.1 by SaeedGh

Works great, thanks.

Written By: kevin1gamer, 8th March 2010

is error ;

TypeError: table is null

Written By: djumithack, 14th March 2010

No ajax

Written By: Mauricio, 5th August 2010

this is very nice site.. i get a lot of help from this site.. also this thanks button is great post.. i was searching for this.. now got it here.

i am Requesting to Admin

that please... when you post a plug-in or any mod... please add some installation and direction instruction with your post

for example ... to which folder upload this mod, and how to install

this will take a less time of poster... but will save the big time of users/readers

thanks to all

Written By: __K__, 8th August 2010

Perfect Plugin! My Users love it. ;-)

Written By: CoolRunner82, 29th August 2010

Works fine for me. Thanks!
My only suggestion is instead of looking for the 'thanks' and 'remove thanks' images in a fixed directory (fine if you just have one language installed), it would be better to look in the theme {language} directory. That way you could have the thanks icons in different languages.

Written By: stoffer, 8th September 2010

Hey if any1 of you find errors check mine its compatible with both(tested @ 1.4x) download it here : :)

Written By: crazy4cs, 10th October 2010

This plugin is great but the thanks plugin is the issue now for me, if I delete the old plugin and upload this then all the thanks given before will be lost and my users will kick me :D

So any option to add number of thanks manually ?
its ok not to the post but directly to the user ?

Written By: Emperor, 26th December 2010

Really great plugin.

I would like the ability to quickly view WHERE the thanks have been given in a small table in User CP though please. As currently you have to trawl through all your posts to find where the thanks occurred.


Written By: Bifford, 17th February 2011

The button doesm't appear for the "the-cure" theme
please post another one that is

Written By: sayaad, 20th May 2011


Written By: kakabbas, 11th July 2011

Works great i add some new features on my site, but works perfect if you know what mods do, and put vars on right side. Templates and all works. For all people who says something about not works, something are bad or you trying to do something bad, because i probe it on local and my site and works perfect.

Written By: Dark Neo, 4th January 2012

The module doesn't work on 1.6.5
can anyone help with the problem?

Written By: nalix85, 6th February 2012

Yeah actually i have a mod on my site if the autor make me permission to share it i do. It works all modules and the mods works fine. I have to edit much code to do more functional and yes it works. (it's an spanish forum, but the mod thanks works fine) Gracias on my language xD.

Here you can see the mod functional its bassed on this but with more functions and bugs corrected.

Written By: Dark Neo, 22nd February 2012

Works great apart from the Thanks button doesnt work it shows as a link the altho the thanks button image has been uploaded.

Written By: Carpy, 7th May 2012

Works Great on 1.6.8. Thax Man

Huji Lee, SaeedGh

Written By: razzy007, 4th September 2012

how can i add the number of thanks in profile

Written By: jzoner, 6th September 2012

When option Users can remove their thanks - Every one can delete his thanks is NO, then plugin is not work good. If click Thanks, then nick user does not appear in the post. Shows up only after you refresh the page.What is wrong? Script version 1.6.9

Written By: SLAVOO, 28th January 2013

Working on 1.6.10

Written By: Breixo, 27th May 2013

Couldn't get it to work with Minimal theme and 1.6.10. Something about the .gifs made the button break on my page. Bummer.

Written By: GamerEdie, 19th June 2013

Works great on 1.6.10. Had to upload the images manually when using plugin uploader. So if your buttons are not working check that the image files are in fact in the right place. Great plugin.

Written By: alenhoff, 31st July 2013

Please can someone convert it to Sqlite, Sqlite doees'nt know AUTO_INCREMENT :(

Written By: zieru, 11th August 2013

The image button doesnt show ive replaced it again and again and still shows as a broken image

Written By: Maxxamillion6, 11th February 2014

For some reason, the Thanks button on posts show's corrupted?
any ideas?

- Adz

Written By: Adzdon, 19th July 2014

Nice plugin.
Author will continue plugin to make work better on new MyBB 1.8 ?

Written By: glover, 2nd September 2014

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