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Reviews for MyBB - Spam prevention - 1.4 by Tim B.

I've been using StopForumSpam for a while now, since we had an influx of rogue users sign up to my site - so a plugin that does this for me is Most welcome! :)

I still need to wait for someone new to register before I can see it in action but I hope it works perfectly!


Written By: Bifford, 4th July 2010

It doesn't work with mybb 1.6. Thanks though!

Written By: filthfan, 27th September 2010 - This is the link on the website. It will work if you are using mybb 1.4. If you are using mybb 1.6, you will need to edit the plugin's file in a text editor like notepad. Find this: 14* and change it to: 16*

That thread is listed here:

Hope this helps!

Written By: KrinkleGator, 14th October 2010

This Plugin is not 1.6 compatible. As far as I can see, the plugin sends the API-request, handles the response correctly, but fails on placing the error message correctly. Tried to fix it, didn't work though.

Written By: sevildevil, 21st January 2011

There are issues with this plug-in, read this link:

Written By: Gary Bolton, 12th February 2011

I've loaded it onto my forums - will let you know how things go!

Written By: thumper, 20th February 2011

It works perfectly. For me the most important plugin at all.

Written By: capsicum, 12th March 2011

Just a note, this plugin uses a function that only exists in PHP versions 5.2 or later; if you're using a host with an older version, it doesn't appear to work.

Written By: kgasso, 27th March 2011

@capsicum "It works perfectly. For me the most important plugin at all."
thanks for the great plug in ;)

Written By: Kidz, 13th May 2011

Just FYI. Tim B. recommends that you *NOT* enable the name check.

Too many false positives apparently. You will have to test to see if you have that issue as well. Could be that the spam would out weigh the false positives, in which case you would leave the name check on.

Written By: mehtuus, 2nd June 2011

I am sooooo glad this exists! My forum has been getting slammed the past few days. I literally have been using your site doing manual checks on emails and IPs for months! I am so glad this works like a charm! Thanks dev I <3 you!

Written By: AtrixDude420, 24th June 2011

Very Bad

Written By: MH-Pro700, 4th August 2011

Is there a version for PostgreSQL?

Written By: fosca, 18th August 2011

Great, but for whatever reason, my name is in there, even though the email address is "[email protected]" doesn't mean it's my spam account can you please remove it?

Written By: Wes the Bes, 19th August 2011

Works great, thanks very much. stopped hundreds of potential spammers in my first month of opening for new registrations.

I would recommend you try it for a week then check sfs_log.php you will be impressed.

Written By: sarisisop, 22nd October 2011

I was getting almost 30 spam accounts daily even while using Banned (instead of Delete), banning IP addresses.etc. I would check to root out spammers and also stop registration for a while. I've been using this plugin for 2 weeks and only 1 spam account slipped by. I am using MyBB 1.6.5.

Thanks, Tim - great plugin!

Written By: GreenwoodLake, 27th December 2011

I too found it not to work on 1.6. Today there were three entries that are pages on the that got on my forum even after the questions are there .. It will just take a manual check I suppose

Written By: Starnova, 3rd May 2012

Finally got this to work in 1.6
My server prevents the call @file_get_contents($url) from running for security reasons. I changed it to a 'curl' function and it works fine now.

If it doesn't work for you find:
$data = @file_get_contents($url)

Comment it out with // and above it place:
$ch = curl_init();
$timeout = 10; // set to zero for no timeout
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT, $timeout);
$data = curl_exec($ch);

Written By: bgrella, 19th May 2012

I don't know what has happened. I have this in my forum as well and I am getting spammed again. Was using forum version 1.6.5. Now I am updated to 1.6.8 so hope this gets things going again.

Written By: cutabovehost, 17th September 2012

Works like a champ without any errors! I must admit that this is my favorite anti spam plugin for MyBB. I recommend every forum administrator to install it before launching their board.

Written By: Ricus, 12th December 2012


Written By: streetkilln, 4th April 2013

wow, is too short a word, it killed dead my worst offenders, you are a hero.
donation next...

download sfs_log and see the hits. from your bbs server.
the .ru hits and this guy
MopFabHopay / Email: / IP:
like a machine gun, ratattattatat..... This spam bot.
i also put in the plugin for (register_time) forces bots to go turtle or die.

cheers !

Written By: chmod, 11th May 2013

I use this for both my MyBB and for my vBulletin forums. I HIGHLY recommend you use this in your forums. It's worth the peace of mind! =)

Written By: OneBun, 13th October 2013

Our site was subject to a concerted spammer attack and we were struggling, even with several admins checking all day. Spam Manager did not work - but this plug in (stopforumspam-com-for-mybb) did! It is just wonderful. The spammers no longer manage to register. Thank you so much for a wonderful plug in. Five stars!

Written By: LPC, 14th August 2014

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