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RulesPage - 2.0 by Samuel

Link to the new page is only added to the default theme.

I can post forum rules without needing this plugin, but if I did want an actual Rules page, I think the Page Manager mod would more useful.

Written By: garrettw, 20th August 2011


To get it to work you have to go into the default template "header" and copy the the code from that, it should look something like, "<li class="rules_link"><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=rules"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/toplinks/rules.gif" border="0" alt="" />Rules</a></li>"

Now just go to the theme you want to install it on's header template and paste this code beneath the other header links...

Also, this plugin is better then page manager because it has formatting so you can divide the rules into sections and not just have one paragraph...

Thank you for the plugin! It's great!

Written By: TaMeBB, 5th January 2012

I added the link to my header but the button not aligned very well. If i change class="rules_link" for example into class="help" or class="search" then it displays as it shoot but with the button of help and search.

How to solve this?

Written By: dutchman, 11th May 2012

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