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RSS Feed Poster - 1.0.5 by vbgamer45

Just installed this and it's great so far! :D

Written By: Mr-Trainor, 23rd June 2010

Having problems when getting feeds from some websites including Gizmodo

The post text contains garbled html within the post :/

Written By: Techmonkey, 9th July 2010

unfortunately does not work: S

Written By: djumithack, 21st August 2010

The feed does not import the complete story but only a summary. The previous one imported the complete story.

Written By: Lily, 5th September 2010

Didnot working.!!

Written By: Taim, 16th October 2010

tried various rss feeds from different sites. cannot get any to work
such a same as would have been a great plugin :(

Written By: ukanimal, 5th November 2010

How do you remove the source?

Written By: Jerlene, 7th November 2010

Tried to import from and hasn't worked. Would love to see this working again. :)

Written By: VampiricPadraig, 20th November 2010

No post the complete content. ¬¬

Written By: -Gosw-, 8th December 2010

Thanks, working but sometimes makes dupe posts. Also, it would be nice if it could use the date of the feed item when creating the post, instead of when it was imported.

Written By: pita matein, 16th February 2011

It works, however the mark read function does not.

Written By: lucasbytegenius, 4th July 2011

Very nicely made.

Written By: Yoshi Oak, 7th February 2012

Doesn't uninstall correctly. When I reinstall, I still see the old tasker in the admin task. Also, doesn't post feeds. It posted it once, but after that it doesn't post anymore. ~MyBB 1.6

Written By: MasterZuFu, 19th April 2012

This is virtually worthless as all it does is post html code.

Written By: Jump1979man, 24th January 2014

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